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Helpline: 1.904.723.LOVE(5683)

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For any group announcement changes please email: Public Relations Chair

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All subcommittees need participation. Please see our subcommittee page or a current meeting schedule for meeting times and dates. Please come and get involved.

For any subcommittee announcement changes please email: Public Relations Chair

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See our area calendar


FLORIDA REGIONAL ANNOUNCEMENTS The Florida Regional Service Committee has developed a Human Resource Panel, that was created to help identify individuals within the fellowship who have specific talents, experiences and professions. That Committee has created the attached form, that we hope you will take a moment and fill out. Submitting your information may allow you to participate in a service project here in Florida. Please know that your anonymity will be respected. Click here to download form.


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The 2019 Florida Symposium on March 21-24, 2019  Flyer



If you have an announcement that is for the good of the First Coast Area of Narcotics Anonymous please email it to, and we will place it above to get the word out. To reach the proper contact for other reasons, please visit our "Contact page. Thank you.



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Helpline: 904.723.LOVE(5683)